Purpin Data launches its flagship data center in Mumbai


Accelerate your expansion into Asia's most dynamic digital economy market


Comprehensive data center solutions,
Promote the development of Internet infrastructure in Asia


Excellent scalability,
Support the rapid development of enterprises

Be in a league of its own

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First-class design

We focus on delivering best-in-class design and data center solutions to global Internet giants and enterprise customers

Pan-asian layout

Enter the world's fastest growing digital economy, seize the huge development opportunities。

Anywhere you need it

Whether it is a multi-facility or multi-point layout, we provide you with complete digital infrastructure services throughout Asia。Wherever you need it, now and in the future, we provide the foundation for your expansion。

World class customer service

We adhere to uniform standards in all countries to ensure that you always receive first-class, customized customer service tailored to the actual situation in each country。Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year。

Our service

Super data center

Flexible large and very large data centers。You can choose from wholesale hosting, tailor-made or the "power + civil" model, and each service can be customized to suit your needs。

On demand

We are ready to provide telecom carrier and cloud provider neutral data center services where you need them。The lease ranges from a single cabinet in the equipment room to an exclusive caged area。

Green | Internet news documentary in Asia

Watch the documentary for details。

greening the net cna

Immediate free consultation

Please tell us about your business growth plans and book a tour of our data center。